Nice to meet you,

My name is Isabel, I am a Master's student studying Graphic Design at ArtCenter College of Design. I recently earned a B.A. in Art with an emphasis on Design at the University of Southern California

I am motivated to mature as an artist by developing a unique style and to continue to evolve that style through my experiences. One important contribution of design to our world is finding an emotional or intellectual connection between disparate subjects. This challenge has driven much of my art, as I have tried to merge seemingly contradictory subjects, styles, and ideas to reveal their concealed commonalities. My designs aim to bridge the gap between the historical and modern, digital and analog, dream and reality, and other concepts. Through extensive travel, I have been able to develop this style, building on exposure to the culture, art, typography, fashion, technology, and design of a diverse set of countries, including China, Japan, Brazil, Africa, the greater part of Europe, and different regions of the United States.

To me, design is ineliminable; the cup you drink from, the shirt on your back, and the home you live in.

What is design to you?