Team Collateral

For the Spotlight Stories team, I created  Annie Award one-sheet prototypes, Son-of-Jaguar film one-sheet, t-shirt designs.

Annie Award One Sheet Prototypes

Created one-sheet prototypes for family/friends to be recognized for their support for the Spotlight Stories team and their accomplishments. Removed each of the photos backgrounds on photoshop and created a white outline to frame the photos.

Son of Jaguar One Sheet Prototypes

Created vertical one-sheet prototypes for the Son of Jaguar launch. The outside two feature a more simplistic design with just the logo. The middle design is my personal illustrated interpretation of the Son of Jaguar story inspired from popular Mexican artwork.

T-Shirt Design

Reformatted Jorge R. Gutierrez’s t-shirt design for the Spotlight Stories team collateral. The original print was an illustration, and for the printing press a more realistic format was needed. I converted PSD design files to PNG for printing.