The marketing assets consist of posters of various sizes, vinyl banners, and assets for the Emmys nomination marketing.

Gorillaz Posters

Two Gorillaz Spirit House posters created using character and story artwork. The first poster features the character design more heavily and the other displays a scene from the story. Deciding how the marketing logos for YouTube, the app stores, Passion Animation Studios, and Google Spotlight Stories required finding a balanced hierarchy while prominently featuring the show. Used for marketing purposes. Developed in Adobe Photoshop.

Vinyl Banner

Stand up 18” x 79” banner for the 2D re-release of the Spotlight Story Duet. This banner alludes to the storyline of Duet through the transformation of the young girl. Reconfiguring assets to create a dynamic vertically-aligned scene required watching the show and finding clips which were representative of the storyline. Developed in Adobe Photoshop using Duet artwork.

Emmys Nomination Marketing Assets