In-Product Assets

In-product assets consisted of website graphics, Daydream UI, and multiple logos.

Website Graphics

Google Spotlight Stories website banners for the 360 degree interactive music video featuring tracks from Gorillaz. Quality time was spent choosing representative scenes and character artwork from the show in creating this banner. Developed in Adobe Photoshop using Gorillaz character assets and poster artwork .

Daydream UI

The discovery window is a Daydream home/splash screen that allows users to check out new apps and experiences through looking at thumbnails, rather than just opening app icons. Finding a way to feature the band characters was challenging because the cropping for the splash screen is centered, and the artwork is cut off by this. Zooming into the artwork was the best way to avoid cropping. This asset is for the Gorillaz VR music video. Developed in Adobe Photoshop.


This logo is separated from original artwork and re-configured to work with other assets. The Sonaria logo is separated into pieces on the original assets, so I formed the separate pieces into a singular shape in order for it to be effective on different backgrounds. Developed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.