Under the Sun

72’s core mission is “to expand and diversify the creative class”. The interns facilitated that, with the current employees of 72. We wanted to redirect the narrative of this mission that inherently points towards talent outside 72, to the diversity of thought that already exists.


So we created an idea that reveals and optimizes this diversity of thought while reinvigorating company culture with something that’s fun and will spark conversation among different sects of employees. A personality quiz rooted in 72's values.

See the full presentation here.

Poster 2 copy.jpg

When considering the visual identity of the project, we explored a multitude of themes and styles. Eventually, we landed on a monochromatic style. Not only because of the cohesive color with bold black accents, but because it related back to our core theme: one subject, like the 72 orange, branching out to many beautiful and diverse tones. Similarly to how 72's employees all fall under the same creative umbrella, bringing unique individual identites.